chalkboard makes me happy

When I used to work at Bridgehead one of my most favorite things was to draw on the chalkboard. It should come as no surprise then that I’ve painted an entire wall in black (yes black) chalkboard paint. I’m not attaching any pictures of this because I’ve managed to forget to buy chalk 3 days in a row, so for now… enjoy this while trusting that as soon as I can, I will share with you my creations.


Following Daisies

My friend Heather is probably the most fearless people I know. She lives what she believes 100% of the time. She does not sit back and let life pass her by, instead she listens to what Life has to say and trusts in it. She has taught me innumerable lessons, but probably the most important one is to not fall into the trap of measuring your life against those of others. Be true to who you are and don’t be afraid to be different.

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I am like nobody else for this path is my own.
My path is neither better or worse than the path of another – it is simply different.
I am grateful for the differences of others & the opportunity to learn from them.
Judgement turned into curiosity is the key.


The Twisted Chef

For those of you not familiar with Lynne aka The Twisted Chef she is the loveliest of lovely people. At 6+ feet tall she looks like a supermodel but is the most down-to-earth girl, putting us mere mortals at ease with her infectious giggle. On top of all that, she bakes THE most delicious things!!!! So, when she asked me for help with revamping her blog I could hardly say no and it’s been the most pleasant design project from start to finish.

I’d love for you to check it out at

If anyone is interested in having me revamp their blog, please get in touch via my CONTACT page.

Made With 100% Ginger Extract

Made with 100% Ginger Extract

After one heck of a change of scenery (Ottawa to Cochrane, Ontario) I am finally feeling a bit more like myself again. Slowly but surely we are making our house a home. One by one the rooms seem to be getting organized. And wouldn’t you know it, I even found some creative inspiration!

ps. Wouldn’t it be nifty to have custom coasters? These are what mine would look like 🙂

Indoor S’mores

Indoor S'mores

Indoor S'mores

Trust me, if you start going around telling people that you made Graham Crackers from scratch… they’re gonna start to think you’re a bit nuts.

If you follow that up by telling them you also made Nutella from scratch… it’s not going to fix the situation because now as far as they’re concerned, you’re nuts with nuts on top.

And then, if you follow that up by telling them you made a tea light campfire and toasted mini marshmallows on it… Lord help you because they might well call the looney bin.


If you tell them that this was all for an Indoor S’mores dessert that you brought over to a girly dinner party & everyone loved it: all is forgiven and your reputation reinstated.

PLUS they’re probably making plans to steal your idea for their next girly dinner party.

You should totally let them… cuz you’re a good friend & that’s what good friends do. Except maybe tell them that what made it really special was when you all held hands & sang Kumbaya.

(because even good friend like to prank their besties – winky-wink!)

Homemade Nutella

Indoor S'mores


Tea Light Campfire


Indoor S'mores

Sources: Graham Cracker recipe & Homemade Nutella recipe.