Bird Chirping Weather

Bird Chirping Weather by Katie Daisy

This print brought smiles to my heart and soul today. Not only did it remind me that spring is just around the corner, but it also reignited a spark that I thought was gone.

Paint something FUN (not walls or furniture) at least once a month…

Thank you so much, Katie Daisy. Your talent is truly inspiring.



The Twisted Chef

For those of you not familiar with Lynne aka The Twisted Chef she is the loveliest of lovely people. At 6+ feet tall she looks like a supermodel but is the most down-to-earth girl, putting us mere mortals at ease with her infectious giggle. On top of all that, she bakes THE most delicious things!!!! So, when she asked me for help with revamping her blog I could hardly say no and it’s been the most pleasant design project from start to finish.

I’d love for you to check it out at

If anyone is interested in having me revamp their blog, please get in touch via my CONTACT page.

Made With 100% Ginger Extract

Made with 100% Ginger Extract

After one heck of a change of scenery (Ottawa to Cochrane, Ontario) I am finally feeling a bit more like myself again. Slowly but surely we are making our house a home. One by one the rooms seem to be getting organized. And wouldn’t you know it, I even found some creative inspiration!

ps. Wouldn’t it be nifty to have custom coasters? These are what mine would look like 🙂

I want to live here…

This house is belongs to the owners of The Brooklyn Home Company and as you can see, it speaks for itself.

The Brooklyn Home Company is a family-run cooperative of artists and builders committed to creating world-class and innovative living spaces in Brooklyn. We provide high-quality homes that deliver the best value for our buyers.

As Brooklyn locals we embrace individualism, artistic integrity, customer focus and environmental conservation as a business philosophy and integrate these qualities into each of our homes. We’re a business, a family and we’re contributing to the Brooklyn community.

It was photographed by Todd Selby for The Selby project which “offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail.”

5 words: I. Want. To. Live. Here.

living & dining room

kitchen of my dreams

beech wood dining table

sliding barn door entry way

reclaimed wood furniture

Beautiful Handmade Chair

Stump Tables!

Now that's a bed...

ps. Check out their BLOG!