Hey there!

I’m Linsiloo and this is my blog. If you stick around (which I hope you do) you’ll quickly notice that my blog is a random compilation of my life, food (which sometimes feels like my life) poonums (which totally are my life) & other shiz. It is unpredictable at best and I kind of like that.

Most of the time this blog is where I come to procrastinate and be creative. My full-time job used to be as graphic designer but being creative for a living took all the fun out of it for me. Deadlines are uber-stresssssssful and my creative brain is afraid of them. So I got rid of them and since then my creative brain has been free to run around wild and get crazy. Some of its favorites are knitting, illustrating, crafting, COOKING/BAKING & taking pictures of it ALL.

If you were playing close attention, you’ll notice I said ‘procrastinate’ earlier. Procrastinating from WHAT? Well, when I fired my career for being too high-maintenancy a vacancy opened up. So currently I am interviewing for the next one. I have some good leads, VERY different from the creative field, and while I figure that out I am upgrading my high school grades. Turns out I was a dingle-berry in high school.

Oh well.

This is my Mr. He’s wonderful and VERY talented! Check out his blog. ps. He’s not a very good blogger though probably because he doesn’t procrastinate as much as me : )


Poonums are what I call my dogs, who BTW! are not pugs or boxers. They are Boston Terriers and yes, they toot & snore like crazy. I don’t know why I call them poonums nor am I sure where it came from. My pets are a bit of a spiritual experience and I’m not gonna lie, it often gets out of control.

Poonum #1 is Daisy Duke, the Peaches is just one of her many nicknames, and she’s very talented.

Poonum #2 is Jimi Hendrix and he likes puddles. He also has a lisp but it’s best if you pretend not to notice…

The one other thing you should probably know about me is that I am addicted to food. I like to call myself a Professional Eating Enthusiast because it sounds very fancy & official! Maybe I should have business cards. Eating is my hobby and like any good hobbyist I am very thorough. I love looking up food, shopping for food, making food, talking about food, and… obviously…. EATING FOOD. As long as there’s food, I’ll be probably happy.

Oh ya, I’m also a new vegetarian. So you won’t be finding any meat in my most recent recipes but there are probably sneaky ways for you to add it in without me knowing. Just maybe don’t add it to this, that would be gross.

I find goodbyes awkward so let’s just leave it with if you have any comments, questions, concerns or suggestions I’d love to hear from you! Oh, and thanks for stopping by!

: )


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Linsi! I found it! ….this is Monique (the cheat’in SB employee)
    Thanks for sharing your blog! I look forward to reading about your new project!

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