Following Daisies

My friend Heather is probably the most fearless people I know. She lives what she believes 100% of the time. She does not sit back and let life pass her by, instead she listens to what Life has to say and trusts in it. She has taught me innumerable lessons, but probably the most important one is to not fall into the trap of measuring your life against those of others. Be true to who you are and don’t be afraid to be different.

By the way, Heather has written a book about that time when she sold her house & most of her worldly possessions, bought an RV & set off on a road trip led by wild daisies. You should really check it out!

Following Daisies

you can go your own way


3 thoughts on “Following Daisies

  1. Just returned from a solo trip to Margarite Island and Angel Falls. Out on my own pushing boundaries, meeting generous people and having amazing adventures.
    Don’t sit on the couch wishing you could go there, get up and go. You won’t be disappointed.

      • No, but the opportunity came because of clients. 🙂
        Never be afraid to fall down, make mistakes or get dirty!! That’s when the real fun begins!!
        Hope you are having a great adventure!!

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