Indoor S’mores

Indoor S'mores

Indoor S'mores

Trust me, if you start going around telling people that you made Graham Crackers from scratch… they’re gonna start to think you’re a bit nuts.

If you follow that up by telling them you also made Nutella from scratch… it’s not going to fix the situation because now as far as they’re concerned, you’re nuts with nuts on top.

And then, if you follow that up by telling them you made a tea light campfire and toasted mini marshmallows on it… Lord help you because they might well call the looney bin.


If you tell them that this was all for an Indoor S’mores dessert that you brought over to a girly dinner party & everyone loved it: all is forgiven and your reputation reinstated.

PLUS they’re probably making plans to steal your idea for their next girly dinner party.

You should totally let them… cuz you’re a good friend & that’s what good friends do. Except maybe tell them that what made it really special was when you all held hands & sang Kumbaya.

(because even good friend like to prank their besties – winky-wink!)

Homemade Nutella

Indoor S'mores


Tea Light Campfire


Indoor S'mores

Sources: Graham Cracker recipe & Homemade Nutella recipe.


4 thoughts on “Indoor S’mores

  1. I can vouch for the deliciousness of it all!!!
    Mmm mmm good.
    I still can’t believe you made all this from scratch -> you’re my hero!

  2. I just love this idea! Never had Nutella (CRAZY I know!!) and making it yourself, you star!! Never mind making ALL of it yourself, from scratch! Plus the idea of a put it together pudding to share with friends, over tealights, how cute and how supercool is that! 🙂

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