Dreaming of White

I don’t know if it’s because Christmas feels right around the corner or because we’re moving WAY up north where snow always seems to be in style, BUT lately I’ve been dreaming of white.

Beautiful white floors, to be exact.

It probably comes from the fact that the house that we bought currently has what can be best described as a patchwork quilt of carpet, with hints of 80s linoleum. It’s tres sexy, let me tell you.

So, while I am mostly hoping for buried hardwood, I think I’m keeping my expectations fairly realistic in that it probably won’t happen. Low expectations = wonderful discoveries, right. (I’ve found the same logic often applies with movies… )


I’ve always been drawn to Scandinavian interior design, it’s probably my inner-Ikea-child calling to me. Lately, I’ve been ‘pinning’ lots of spaces with white walls and white floors. And ever since I found this website with a how-to on DIY plywood floors, it’s all I can think of.

After getting some amazing advice from a friend who warned against the evils of putting renovation costs on a line of credit, we’ve decided to try the old ‘save up for it’ routine.


Why does that seem so crazy? I remember saving my babysitting $ for a pair of Doc Martens when I was younger, but aside from that cannot remember the last time I saved for something. This should be a good experiment, right?

So while we save up for things that are higher on the priority list (namely bathroom & kitchen), this whole plywood flooring option is sounding pretty sweet.

Especially if the end result is even half as sexy as one of these:

Or maybe it’s just painted floors, because this black one is pretty amazing, too.


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of White

  1. Like it! And if you crave a pop of colour, you can just add pillows or a throw.

    Enjoy your time up north – we will miss you but the upside is we always have the internet
    and can keep in touch that way.

  2. You realise it’s your desire to “hibernate” that draws you to white! With all that snow around it’s going to be difficult to find you!! hehe xx

  3. I love white, too. We have white kitchen floors, and I’ve actually vowed I would never have them again, because it is impossible to keep things looking clean. Even before we had kids, any tiny speck of dirt, spill or ANYTHING shows up on them. But that’s just my experience. I’m not trying to destroy your dream. 🙂

    The painted floors are gorgeous. I wish I had the courage to do really bright colors.

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