Shut the Front Door! (& Other News)

Signs by William Dohman


2 thoughts on “Shut the Front Door! (& Other News)

  1. I’ve got a problem with “holla” – is it another way of saying “holler” or is it a mis-spelling of the Spanish for hello which is “hola”!! So, there you have it, my considered opinion! Otherwise, quite happy to “shut the door” “for like ever”!! hehe

    • Definition according to the Urban Dictionary:

      1. A word used to acknowledge the presence of a fellow companion
      2. For a man to express interest in a particularly impressive female specimen
      3. To contact via telephone
      1. Is that mah boy ova there? HOLLAAAAA!
      2. Watch out, I’m bout to holla at this fine b*tch.

      If you start using this, I guarantee you that you’ll be well-cool! ; )

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