out of curiousity…

justice or mercy?


10 thoughts on “out of curiousity…

  1. See… I have an argumentative assignment based on this topic:

    “Justice and mercy are both fundamental to civilized human life. If we are to continue to live in an ordered supportive world, both justice and mercy are required. However, if we were forced to choose either justice or mercy, which one do you think would be more essential? Why?”

    I’m not cheating… promise! Just curious as to what your opinions are! : )

  2. I have kind of a simple response, but in the end I’d think justice is more essential. Having only mercy would cause some people to always do things that are ‘wrong’, and expect to be forgiven with no consequences. If only justice existed, those who might deserve mercy may not receive it, but at least with justice actions have fair repercussions.

  3. Definitely mercy. I’ve made my share of blunders in my lifetime and have been forgiven completely. Take for example the driver with road rage. If that person were to recognize that they sometimes cut off other drivers knowingly or unknowingly they would be quicker to forgive the occassional person that cuts them off. If we understand that most people try to do their best in life then it’s easier to be merciful than to exact justice. To quote Alexander Pope, “To err is human, to forgive divine.”

  4. I might have read that as “Just ice or mercy.” And my response (in my head) might have been (was) “Depends on what you’re drinking.”

    I need to go to bed.

    • hahaha! i think you might have a case of Thesis-Brain … WHEN is our dinner party going to be??? we must get on top of this… Mr. Duke was asking after it just this very morning.

  5. I have to say, after much reflection, I agree with Rasha. But I can see where your Mama is coming from – we are all dealing with (the consequences of) things we wish we (or indeed someone) had never done, but hopefully nothing illegal, and that is where I think justice has to be done. Forgiveness is another issue completely – I think??

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