A Weekend of L.O.V.E.


I spent this past weekend celebrating L.O.V.E. in Muskoka. My brother married his sweetheart at the most beautiful resort with most of my family together for the first time in a long while. It was wonderful to be a part of such a celebration and in the presence of loved ones.

Congratulations, David & Shana!


My handsome brother

The beautiful Shana


Holding back happy tears

My beautiful parents & wonderful grandmother

Andrew the Best Man


6 thoughts on “A Weekend of L.O.V.E.

  1. gorgeous pics! everyone looks gorgeous, you included (and actually the top of our black strapless dresses looks similar… although mine was the maxi version and yours was most def the mini one! hee). hope you had a lovely time and look forward to hearing more about it the next time we meet. xo

    • allo! mr. rob took the pics with his mondo camera – which i blasphemously fed through instagram in a fit of laziness/obsession with my new fave retro/blurry filter. haha! i think he may have been a tad insulted.

      i SO wish mine had been the maxi version. jealous, f’sho!

      we should definitely get together soon to swap notes/photos. i am excited to see more of yours! : )

  2. oops poor Rob! lol chalk it up to a love of old school I guess!

    i’m sitting tight on most of the photos because i want to share them directly with the bride and groom first… mine are truly quick candids though, so nothing too special anyway. they had an official photog with all her equipment for the ceremony, so at least they’ll have professional shots as well.

    this week is busy but maybe we can hang out next week? i was thinking that at some point, you and Rob and I could all drive out to my grand-parents’ old cottage in Luskville for a chilled out evening at some point. Stay tuned!

    As for our dresses, mine was probably more comfortable (and did not requite short shorts underneath!), but yours is much sexier. You rocked it! I’m sure that in most guys’ eyes, that’s much better than the grandma maxi version! 🙂

    • ooo a chilled out evening in Luskville sounds amazing. and we could definitely reciprocate with a chilled out evening on Lac St-Pierre. let’s definitely figure this out! 🙂

      ps. you and I both know you did not look like a grandma in the slightest! silly girl! 😉

  3. Hey Lindsay!

    Just wanted to say hi and also that these pictures are so amazing. You look so beautiful! Congratulations to your family 🙂 Hope everything is well in Ottawa, I’ll be coming down sometime this month, let me know when you have a few shifts.

    Have a great week,

    • Hey Miss Frankie! 🙂

      Oh my, how I miss you! I think of you often and wonder how you’re doing… Am very glad you are coming to visit soon to let me know all your news.

      Thank you for your compliments. My brother’s wedding was a wonderful day for he & his new Mrs., as well as my whole family! It’s definitely one of my favorite days of all time, that’s f’sho!

      I work Monday-Friday open shift most days, but am off next Monday & Tuesday. Shoot me an email when you know a bit more when you’ll be in town. I would love to sit down and chat!!

      : ) Linds

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