100% Organic Links

I love links!

Hey Y’all!

Hope you had a great weekend. I was at the cottage, but still managed to track down some good finds. Enjoy!

  1. I love stripes & have red hair. Is this a painting of me?! [ART]
  2. Bugspray that causes your lips to go numb… NOT A GOOD THING! Try this instead.[ENVIRO]
  3. Super-cute re-use apartment garden idea. [GARDEN]
  4. Hello, lover! [FOOD]
  5. Dear Santa, please send two. Love, the Poonums [FUR BABY]
  6. I see white floors in my future… [INTERIORS]
  7. One of summer’s most refreshing drinks! [DRINK]
  8. An entire summer wardrobe in ONE dress. I’m not even joking. [FASHION]
  9. Beautiful flutterings from an extraordinary mind. LOVE. [FUR BABIES]

ps. My brother’s getting married next weekend, so I’m not sure how much blogging will get done. No doubt there will be pictures to follow though! : )



2 thoughts on “100% Organic Links

  1. 1. That so could be you!
    2. Glad we don’t have the bugs you have to contend with!
    3. Better start buying them tins again! Actually, I am not sure where you would get them now, but love the idea!
    4. Yum!
    5. Oh no, you couldn’t! Could you??
    6. I see a “slave” in the sidelines, cleaning up after you!! 🙂
    7. Now that does sound refreshing – off to pick my mint! Just need some summer to enjoy it with!
    8. Of course it would be, for you, with your wonderful figure! You looked great in it!
    9. Definitely beautiful flutterings from an extraordinary mind. Love it!
    PS – have a wonderful time at your brother’s wedding and yes, we want to see photos!! 🙂

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