100% Organic Links

I love links!

Hey Y’all!

So in my weekly travels through the massive interwebs, I find several gems that I thought maybe I’d share with you:

  1. The REAL reason you are missing out if you don’t own a bike! [FITNESS]
  2. The easy tutorial I used to create the “I Heart Links” banner above. [DESIGN]
  3. This is some trippy shiz… [PHOTO]
  4. Hilarious excerpt from “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” [READ]
  5. I need this skirt in my life… okay, maybe not need but you get the idea. [FASHION]
  6. I feel as thought I’d remember my eco-bag more often if it was this one. Tee hee! [ENVIRO]
  7. Extremely useful leg shaving flow chart to help you solve the most pressing question in your day: “Should I shave my legs?” [LADY SHIZ]
  8. The person who invented this should win the Nobel Prize. I’m not even joking. [FOOD]
  9. In addition to the stripey skirt, I also need this hat… & a bunny. [FUR BABIES]
  10. Let’s all just buy some baking soda & call it a day. [CLEANING]
  11. Of course you use toilet rolls to start your seedlings… [GARDEN]
  12. I would like this craft room, please. [SPACES]
  13. And in my craft room, I would make this amazingness. [CRAFTS]

Hope you enjoyed that. I’m going to try to make it a weekly feature…



6 thoughts on “100% Organic Links

  1. ok… so
    1. now i want all sorts of beautiful dresses from shabby apple. roman holiday here i come.
    2. then i love that craft room … but i think you could make your craft in a super cool garage too :0)
    3. the rasbperries and chocolate chips… consider that done. tonight. at my place. how awesome is that!
    4. i want butterfly tattoo tights. how cool are they?! way cool.
    5. i love your new blog look. want to help me make mine prettier? i’ll bake you anything you like in payment. pretty please. :0)

    • 1. i’m such a numbskull that i didn’t even check out the rest of the site. sigh. now i want more. thanks, Lynne!
      2. my condo rule book strictly says no crafting in the underground garage, although the picture of me settine up camp in our space with a drill & a sander is hilarious, all to produce a pencil holder… i may just hav eto do it now. haha!
      3. i know, right? it’s genius!
      4. what butterfly tattoo tights????? i’m intrigued.
      5. THANKS! I love it, too!! i’m helping another friend right now, but after that f’sho. sigh. tell you what, you come over & there will be a batch of Christmas Cookies & a Simon Cowl, too. : ) (sigh… where does time go?)

      • miss linsiloo – how about we set up a for real date! you show me some blogging fancy-up tricks and i’ll bake you ANYTHING you want. :0)
        wait until you see what i bake my papa for papa’s-day on sunday :0)

  2. miss lynne – that sounds good. it’s a bit crazy for the next 2 weeks though because my brother’s getting married the weekend after next. eeeeee! : ) but after that we should definitely hang out. it would be best if you come over here so i can show you all the shiz on the big screen that we have. i will put on my thinking cap for baking requests, but i’m definitely obsessed with all things coconut. however, all things lemon or chocolate come closely in second. looking forward to it!

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