My Blog Got Botox!



14 thoughts on “My Blog Got Botox!

  1. Just giving the old blog a mini facelift. Don’t worry. It’s still the same inside…

    ps. There might be a few residual side effects so I’ll try to iron out the kinks over the next few days!


  2. Ooo – er – I’m a little confused, but getting there! Actually, it’s cute! But, when you get to my grand old age, changes to the “norm” are more difficult to cope with! Pathetic I know. But, it’s all good for me, to have to keep up and as your Blog has such wonderful things in it, I will not be defeated! I will adapt to the new Botox-ed Blog and carry on loving it! Your creative juices are obviously in overdrive at the moment …. love it! xx

    • THANK YOU!!! And maybe you’ll get some chocolate cookies for a pre-wedding prezzie…. I said maybe. But you have to promise to share them with your wifey – no maybe!

      ps. How many days??

    • Hey Melanie! Thanks!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time in Australia – loved following along. Hope you are doing well – we are, thanks for asking! – and maybe we’ll bump into you at Bruce Pitt one of these days. Now that it’s warm again!

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