More from my hilarious Aunt Mairlyn…

Love answer to, “Ask Mairlyn what happens if you don’t eat your fruits and veggies…”

“Oh, you’ll die.”



6 thoughts on “More from my hilarious Aunt Mairlyn…

  1. Love it! And love the recipe! I want her book!! Can’t get it over here, unless Amazon can get their acto together and let me order through them, which I seriously doubt, and am not holding my breath about – rather like your Aunt Mairlyn!! I promise to eat my fruit and veggies – I don’t want to die! hahaha

  2. …..are you sure you’re not getting a commission on book sales?? 😉

    p.s. I got one of my friend’s to buy a copy today!!

    What’s not to love about crazy Aunt Mairlyn? 🙂

    Fibre kicks butt!!

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