Things That Make a Cottage Cottagey

There are so many ‘cottages’ out there that are really better described as mansions in the woods. And they’re great.

There be no hating here.

But my idea of a cottage has a little less fancy and a lot more of this.

the jimis

fridge tea pot

handmade seat covers

cross stitch & wooden walls

hand-stitched seat covers

handcarved deer lamp


handmade pillows

hand-stitched farm scene

mushroom jars

wood burning fireplace

old fashioned collinder & old timey dish towel

quilt made by mama

old military bucket

warm cozy blankets


7 thoughts on “Things That Make a Cottage Cottagey

    • i’ll be ok. thanks for caring!

      ps. i haven’t wanted to push knowing that you’re easing into life back in ottawa and seem to have a pretty heavy course load, but…….. whenever you want to meet for a meal or are free to meet somewhere for dinner, i know rob would love to reconnect and i would love to meet you officially! 🙂

      the ball is in your court and there is absolutely no rush. just looking forward to it!

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