Photo escapism.

bathtub full of bottles

It takes a conscious effort not to think back at our time on Vancouver Island without an insane want to return. I have to force myself to recall the reasons we left, and then I always come to peace with the fact that it was the right decision.

Still, in a time when the winter seems to be refusing to leave, it is easy to get caught up in the warm memories of a summer in Maple Bay. Daily trips to Cowichan Bay to stuff our faces with cheese sandwiches & chocolate buns. Evenings spent on our lush veranda drinking red wine and watching the sunset. Living for the moment and throwing caution to the wind – it was a magical time.

ps. This photo was taken at the local farmers market on the island and it just might be my favorite picture that I’ve ever taken.


One thought on “Photo escapism.

  1. Ahhh – lovely memories – it was time to move on, as you say, and things will come right soon, believe it! End of winter is an awful stage – just wait, around the corner things will be budding, blossoming, and the sun will shine again! Love the pic and one day maybe even we will get to taste a little of what you experienced living on Vancouver Island! Plans are mulling! 🙂

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