Meet The Poonums Part 2

Crooked Toofs

A looooong time ago, I posted a Wordless Wednesday about Meeting The Poonums and then promptly forgot I had 2 poonums to introduce… dang. So without further ado, arguably the most popular of the two. Heeeeere’s Jimi!

FULL NAME: James Alexander Hendrix McKenzie aka Jimi Hendrix
NICKNAMES: The Jimis, The Papa-Noo-Noos, Shitbag, Dingle-shit, Monkey-face, Pumpkin Nuts, Turd Monkey, Peckerhead, Teddy Bear
HOBBIES: Leaf collecting & large stick finding
GREATEST TALENT: Being able to carry a stick ten times his own size – not too unlike an ant
GREATEST FLAW: EXTREME ball obsession & a general lack of social cue awareness. ie. people’s personal space.
WINNING TRAIT: Ridiculous cuteness & charm
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTIC: Speaks with a lisped British accent & has some darned crooked teeth
AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT: Not licking EVERYTHING or bringing random pebbles indoors.

The Jimis

The Jimis

The Jimis

The Jimis

The Jimis

The Jimis

The Jimis



  1. Awwww! (And when I put that into my iPhone it came up with “sewer” – hehe) That is soooo cute! The Jimis is soooo cute! Such a cute puppy too! Love his “nicknames”! Thank you for making me smile, nay, laugh!! xxx And hugs for Daisy, just in case she is getting jealous – we await her update with interest!!

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