for the Mamas

My Beautiful Mother

I consider myself very lucky to have such a special relationship with my mother. She is my best friend and unlike anyone I’ve ever known. Kind and generous to a fault, I haven’t met a single person who hasn’t loved her instantly. If I could tell you one thing about my mother that not everyone knows it’s that despite the fact that she appears to be everything that is good and pure… she’s probably got one of the sickest senses of humor of anyone I’ve ever met. It’s wonderful and there’s nothing that I love more than laughing with her.

Leaving her career as a pharmacist behind, she decided to stay at home to raise me and my 2 younger brothers. During that time she sewed us clothing, baked amazing food and spent countless hours nurturing our individual selves. She encouraged us in everything we did. She taught us the difference between right and wrong. She was a safe place wherever we were in the world.

So this post is dedicated to her in honor of her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mama!


Wedding Day

Brand New ME

The Best Mom EVER



4 thoughts on “for the Mamas

  1. That is a beautiful comment on you, your mama, and your precious relationship. I am lucky indeed that your mama is one of my very dearest, closest long-time friends. Happy Birthday, linsiloo’s mama xoxo

  2. very lovely post.

    if i’m being 100% genuine, it was a little bit hard to read and made me feel a little sad for a few moments, and i had to leave and meditate on that. but you know, usually – and ultimately – i feel so, so happy to see these kinds of gestures and appreciation for mothers, and examples of touching mother/daughter relationships. i guess once in a blue mood it still gives me pangs inside, but please know that i think this is really lovely still. this isn’t about me, it’s about you and a wonderful relationship you have. and you know, nothing makes me feel more upset (and even angry) when i see careless examples and dismissive words towards mothers. not all relationships are perfect, but when i watch some people take their parents for granted, it is the saddest thing in the world. and now that i’m visiting this post again, all it brings is joy and peace to see such a great connection you guys share. happy birthday to your mom!

    • awww… camilou. i’m so sorry if the post made you feel an ounce of sadness. i get it, but still feel so sad about it. i’ve told you before that i admire your strength tremendously since i have no idea what i’d do if my mom passed away so young. the most impressive thing about you and your struggle, i think, is that you are so honest with yourself. it is commendable.

      sending you a great big e-hug!!

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