Moby Mash-up

I’ve been listening to a lot of Moby lately. I’ve always loved his music, but recently got back into it because of a playlist at work. It’s great anytime kind of music. Always interesting. Always unique.

In my quest for new Moby knowledge, I checked out his website to see if he had any new music coming out. AND it turns out not only does he have new music, but he’s giving it away for FREE.

Yes, that’s right. Frizzle.

(gangsta for free…)

ANYWAYS, all of that lead me to follow Moby on Twitter, and so far he’s been tweeting some interesting stuff. Today, he tweeted a mash-up of his song Extreme Ways (from the Bourne Identity) and Adele’s song Rolling in the Deep.

Love it.


One thought on “Moby Mash-up

  1. Oooh… thanks for the link to free Moby! Extreme Ways is purposefully the first song on my running playlist… perfect song to get ya goin’ 🙂

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