when life hands you BLECH…

think happy. be happy.

Waiting is probably one of the hardest things to do. Waiting for the unknown is worse. It is SO HARD to remember to take each day at a time – one by one – and not wish the time away. The end of winter makes it even harder, right?

Frozen snow that is no longer pretty. Grit and grime everywhere. Winter boots that get heavier by the day.


When I feel like this, I have to force myself to take on HAPPY things that I can do right now. For example, cooking and cleaning.

Holy Time Warp to the 50s!

You say that, but there is something extremely comforting about making your space lovely. There is also something extremely therapeutic about the planning and making of new and lovely foods. And, of course, the eating.

And whatever else, when I feel the BLECHS of life, I find it helps to remember the very wise thing that my Grampa Doug always used to say…

this too shall pass


3 thoughts on “when life hands you BLECH…

  1. nice post… and great timing might i add 😉

    i agree with the cooking and cleaning… i think the reason people find solace in those activities is because of their simplicity, because they keep us taking care of things around us, which means we take care of ourselves. and the end result of cooking is the best! last night i made a deluxe gourmet baked mac ‘n cheese to cheer myself up and of course it was great.

    anyway, keep up the sunny outlook, it’s great…

  2. Oh I too so agree with you! Keep smiling, keep baking/cooking wonderful things and, most importantly, keep sharing! Hugs and xx

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