Just a little warning…

So, I just thought I’d let you know that you should be careful. Very, very careful. Because it became quite clear to me today that I have some very powerful powers of persuasion.

What am I talking about?

I’ll tell you.

Today at work I was tasked with the VERY important job of drawing on the outdoor chalk sandwich board. The outdoor chalk sandwich board is used to promote certain various Bridgehead products or events. And the product of choice for today was the Earl Grey Tea Latte. The Earl Grey Tea Latte is a hot drink that is made with 2% organic milk, earl grey tea and sweetened with vanilla. It’s basically the Bridgehead solution to the the ‘London Fog’ – a drink served at some of our competitors.

So I came up with this and we put it out on the street.

Earl Grey Tea Latte chalkboard drawing

And I’m not kidding but 5 minutes later, Daniel Alfredsson – CAPTAIN of the Ottawa Senators – came into the store and ordered a large one.

daniel alfredsson


I’m just sayin’

Be very, VERY careful reading this blog, cuz at any point I could use my already proven powerful powers of persuasion on you!

Hahaha… just kiddin’.


Seeing as this was the second time I’d served him, I so wanted to tell him that we used to be hair twins (click here to see what I mean) before he shaved his head. But didn’t think it was the time or the place.

You’re right… I’ll wait for the third visit before asking him to grow it back. PLUS we should probably discuss hair products at some point. And then there’s also the important bonding topic of shared commiserations about growing up redheaded.

See? So much to talk about…

What to lure him in with next? Green Tea Latte? Possibly.

Stay tuned.

Photo credit for above picture of Daniel Alfredson.


9 thoughts on “Just a little warning…

  1. And perhaps I should call his mother to see if she cut his bangs from the back of his head like I did???? Oh, the joys of being red-haired AND curly!!!!!

    • You could probably make a good substitute in the mean time.

      1. Just brew half a cup of earl grey tea
      2. heat some milk while using a whisk to make it texturized… (frothy is a bad word apparently)
      3. add some vanilla extract to the milk
      4. combine the 2 and sweeten to your liking.

      πŸ™‚ Let me know how it tastes if you try it.

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