Fake Art

living room slash office

living room slash office

First of all, I must tell you straight away. I am not condoning stealing. I am not saying, “Hey you! Go forth and rip off artists.” Ideally, I would be a millionaire and would support the art community 100% by buying all kinds of artwork to hang on walls; however… sigh… t’was not meant to be.

And so I was left in a quandary (yes, I just said quandary… had to Google proper spelling, too!) Should I keep my walls naked? (blech!)
Should I decorate them with affordable shiz (aka IKEA prints there can be found in every other dorm room in North America)?
OR should I test out my art skillz and make my own shiz?

So what did I do?

I went rogue and opted for the treacherous path of copyright tightrope walking. Copying without the intent to distribute or misrepresent. As I understand it, this is okay. Maybe my legal expert readers (you know who you are… winky-wink!) will shed light on the error of my ways, but hopefully I’m in the clear.

I mean… how else are fledgling artists supposed to learn?

The tulip painting, the fake Tulip Toss is one that I love by Shirley Novak. I first discovered her work on art.com and instantly fell in love with her colourful florals. My parents gave me a giant canvas and Wallack’s gift certificate for my birthday and so… I went nuts. Spending four days painting this after a draining final semester of web design was exactly the relief I needed.

Check out how many tulips are missing the bottoms to their stems… haha!

Fake Tulip Toss by Me

The other one is a bit of a funnier story. Literally, it’s from Modern Family… and we all know it doesn’t get any funnier than that. Long story short as I watched the show I kept seeing this piece in Cam and Mitchell’s house and found myself trying to catch a better look every episode. Eventually I found a scene that showed it in full and snapped a screen shot. Bought myself a Ribba frame and the rest is history.

Pssst…. Don’t tell Mitchel – he’s a lawyer. Cam’s fine, he’ll just laugh.

The painting from Modern Family's Cam and Mitchel's house

Squiggle Picture



  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re probably a lot better at faking art than you think!
  • Art stores are one of the funnest places on earth, but don’t break the bank on top of the line products. REMEMBER having lots of low quality paint is WAY more fun than a tiny bit of high quality paint
  • India ink (this is the kind I used), paint brush & a nice big piece of thick art paper is a great place to start. Hey! If you start now you could have a finished fake masterpiece in 20 minutes! No joke.
  • Worst comes to worst… and your piece falls flat, either throw it away and start again OR tell people it’s abstract. That’s what I do with faulty latte art all the time.

Confidence is key!


5 thoughts on “Fake Art

  1. I was told that this art was all one of a kind original and was priceless. Now you are telling me it is all FAKE!!! I am going to have to take it all down.

  2. ha you guys are cute.

    the place looks great and the artwork is not for display in a public place, nor is it meant for public consumption. with that in mind, i think it’s totally a-ok – and quite inventive of you to pick up on art you like from the background of a t.v. show. it looks cool and similar to the original!

    i would take a cue from you, since i have probably sunk too much cash on original artwork in the past… if only i had talent! 🙂

  3. I recommend you watch a movie called “Certified Copy” and you will then not even have to think if it is fake or original – the question of fakeness is a moot point! It is, therefore, truly original and not fake at all – how can it be fake when it has been inspired by someone/something else, but executed by YOU! Beautiful, and of course it will be worth HEAPS in several generations!! 🙂

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