Help Save Ottawa’s Great Forest

Ottawa’s Great Forest to be Clear Cut on February 1st

There is a lot about being a human that I find hard to swallow. As a species, I think we take without asking and act without thinking far too often, hindsight frequently wins over foresight, and patience seems to be a thing of the past. Our planet is in turmoil – some would say that there is no turning back from the place we are now in – and yet we find comfort and reprieve within the headphones of our iPods and reality TV.

I think it’s easy to acknowledge problems from afar, fearing that there is little that can be done. And anyways, it’s not happening here and/or now…

BUT what if that was no longer the case?

The where: Ottawa
The when: February 1st
The what: Clear cutting a huge central segment of Beaver Pond Forest – a recreationally enjoyed, spiritually revered, Algonquin First Nation Sacred, old-growth forest, 20 minutes from Parliament Hill.

Not only is this forest spiritually revered by Algonquin First Nation’s people but it is also the home to over 679 known species – some of whom are endangered. By the way, 679 doesn’t even include insects because a study hasn’t ever been done meaning that that number will probably double or maybe even triple.

Clear cutting on February 1st means that many of these species will be hibernating and will probably wake up groggily just in time to be killed. Which might even be a blessing since they won’t have a home anymore anyways.

Either way, it’s disgusting and at times like these I am ashamed of my species. My only hope is that there are enough of the ‘good’ people out there in power positions who can stop this before it happens.

To do anything less would be to turn your back on Nature… and I’m not sure how many more times we’re gonna get away with that one.


Email the ‘powerful’ people and see if they actually do care:

1. National Capital Commission: Marie LeMay
2. Ottawa Mayor’s Office: Mayor Jim Watson
3. Minister of Environment: The Honourable Peter Kent
4. Councillor Kanata North: Marianne Wilkinson
5. Your Local Member of Parliament (find yours here)


This is an issue of national significance. I am pleading with you to save the Beaver Pond forest in Ottawa, just north of the lake as the impending clear cutting and construction of a subdivision in the middle of this forest will destroy the surrounding sugar maple forest and eliminate the last area of the South March Highlands. This area is a jewel, and a solution can be found to save it. I would like to see your office, the NCC, the City of Ottawa and the Developers who own this land, put their heart and soul into finding a solution to swap these forested lands north of the Beaver Pond in Kanata with lands more properly suited for building. Do not allow the last part of the South March Highlands to be destroyed. Who builds a subdivision in the middle of protected lands? Just because the developers have had a subdivision approval for decades does not mean that our values have not changed in these same decades. Something can be done and you are in power to make that happen. Please help. This subdivision would be in the middle of the last part of the natural escarpment in the March Highlights – so please protect this Beaver Pond north forest for future generations – and for the enjoyment of all residents.

(Message written by Steve Hulaj at

Click here to watch a video done by the Ottawa Citizen.


3 thoughts on “Help Save Ottawa’s Great Forest

  1. support 100%. i hope to write a message to the people listed in the next few days. bravo for posting about this! it makes me sad, but i do feel empowered knowing the facts and being able to contribute. i sure hope this travesty doesn’t move forward…

  2. But the 1st Feb is this Tuesday!! No time t delay! Act now!! I am, even from the UK! It’s criminal what they are doing – know where they are talking about and just cannot believe they can go ahead! What are they thinking??? Is there no-one with any common sense, let alone a sense of “conservation” – there is plenty of other land for them to use, so why the South March Highlands??? I’m incensed!

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