It’s OK to Be jealous.

ps. Going here tomorrow.




4 thoughts on “It’s OK to Be jealous.

  1. ARG! i AM jealous. do you know that sometimes at night before bed, i take a shower with ridiculously hot water so I can imagine myself in a steam room at Le Nordik? it’s one of my favourite places to de-stress. i stand there and think of where we could install a sauna and hot tub at the house! so yes, i am jealous! 🙂

    please say hi to my favourite rooms, the wet sauna (ah the eucalyptus) and those oval-shaped cabanas with the fireplaces! i hope it will be great for you and abolish those 3am sleepless times…

    • Okay, so eucalyptus room says, “Hisssssssssssssssssss!” and oval-shaped cabana says, “I MISS YOU CAMILOU!”

      Honestly, aside from Rob’s snoring clearing out the entire Sleep Room, it was THE most stress-free day EVER!

      You’ll have to find a place out East that matches it, or build your own. I love that idea. We’re coming to visit f’sho if you do that!!!


  2. Le Nordik is my happy place… I am indeed jealous that you were there today and I was not! Le Nordik does have some competition though… I went to St. Anne’s spa in the fall and it was an overnight + spa + meals extravaganza… they have sales as long as you don’t go on Fri/Sat:

    • Ooooooooo… yet another amazing Karly-find! I love how you can stay overnight. That is one thing that I wish you could do at the Nordik. Although…. I might never leave, right.

      I think you should plan your next spa STAT!!! It was AMAZING!

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