Lost in Translation

As I am preparing for my exam THIS Saturday (it was bumped back a week, phewf!) I am being hit over the head constantly with of feelings “WTF?” and “Uhhh” and “Huh?”

Maybe some of us were not meant to remember vast quantities of chemical information. And maybe some of us were meant to appreciate that it happens, but leave the specific knowing to the experts.

For Crap’s Sake! I just want to deliver babies!!! NOBODY is going to quiz me on the trends of the Periodic Table of Elements mid-contraction! And the only Gas Laws that I care about are the ones that state, “If one must toot, one must IMMEDIATELY roll down the window!”

And yet, I know that I am not alone in this quest for ‘required’ knowledge. I must prove myself capable of taking on complex concepts, I suppose. And so I shall.

But in between sessions translating chemistry into words that my less-than-spongy brain seems able to better understand, I did happen across these wonderful examples of translation.

Chris Cohen is hilarious!




5 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Brilliant! I think the dog with the shoes is my favourite of that little lot! Back to the Chemistry for you tho! Nearly done – Hang on in there! And, good luck in the exam! You’ll walk it I know! xx

  2. good luck! i’m rooting for you (and believe me, coming from the girl who long ago failed her chemistry class in high school, i get it!).

    …i love the cat and printer video, it has always been my favourite!

  3. p.s. i’m guessing you’ve probably already seen this, but i like this too!

    And of course it brings to mind all those BBC “walk on the wild side” videos… 🙂

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