2 New Favorite Things

1. O How I Heart My Therm-O!

Aquaovo Therm-O

A Therm-O is this steezy travel mug made by AquaOvo that both double-insulates your beverage AND filters out any loose shiz that may be present in your beverage (ie. loose leaf tea, ice cubes, other shiz…)

Maybe you’re thinking, “GACK! It’s glass! I’ll break it.”

It’s true. It is glass, but it’s very sturdy. I am not a very careful person, by nature not by desire, and I’ve brought it almost everywhere since getting it for Christmas, and – knock on WOOD! – I haven’t broken it yet.


AquaOvo designed a sleek glass travel mug to keep your tea hot or cold when you’re on the go. It even comes with a removable, stainless steel strainer for your leaves, and holds up to 500 ml of tea. Since it’s made of double-paned glass, it’s always comfortable to hold, even if you pour boiling water right into it. The cap is BPA-free plastic, with a silicone seal to prevent leakage.
~ DavidsTea

Aquaovo Therm-O with Genmaicha Tea

Aquaovo Therm-O with Genmaicha Tea

Aquaovo Therm-O

2. Mmm… Popcorn Tea

Also known as Genmaicha Green Tea, this is my new beverage of choice. I first tasted it at MHK Sushi and loved it right away. It’s a mild tasting green tea, with a hint of popcorn taste to it that comes from toasted rice.

So how pleased was I when Bridgehead decided to carry it in bulk? VERY!

Pleased because I can now get it as my weekly comp of 100g of tea. Pleased because if it’s sold at Bridgehead it’s obviously fairly traded. And PLEASED at all the health benefits that come from drinking it regularly.

Fairtrade Genmaicha Tea

Aquaovo Therm-O with Genmaicha Tea

Genmaicha Teatails


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