I am musically all over the place. Known for my LOVE of all things Bon Jovi until he went country, it is possible that my music taste is suspect. I’m okay with this. I don’t love music to impress people… because everyone knows that if that was the case I would have to be into the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young & Jimi Hendrix. And quite simply… I am so not (except maybe for Neil Young’s Heart of Gold). The rest of them can be classified under whiny noise – FOR ME! Now maybe for you, they are classified under musical magical royalty.

This is where I find music so interesting. One same song can affect people in totally different ways. It is possibly the best and worst part of being a musician, perhaps.

Anyways, I wanted to preface this post with the caution of it’s possible that I know not of what I speak. I know what I like, but I get it… the Bon Jovi stain might make you flee for cover before taking musical advice from the likes of me and my ilk (new fave word, btw).


This is quite possibly THE most beautiful CD I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. It was given to my mother by my mother-in-sin. It came with the story of my sweetie as a youngin’ having piano competitions with his little sister to this very pianist. If you are not impressed, you should be. If you are not going “awww…” at the thought of my sweetie as a youngin’, you should be. I have the pictures to prove it.

I’m not going to ruin it with words… just LISTEN TO IT

ps. Does this help explain the Bon Jovi thing?


Happy sighs!


5 thoughts on “LUDOVICO EINAUDI :: Divenire

  1. stick to your unabashed ways of loving music because you love it! no other way to do it…

    BUT that said, loving the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young & Jimi Hendrix are not necessarily loved to impress others! i grew up on this stuff and genuinely love it (give Neil Young’s Harvest Moon a try, you might like it!) 🙂 But anyway that piano you shared here is very relaxing…

    However that Bon Jovi crush… Oh dear! 😉

    • Eeeeeek! I certainly didn’t mean that anyone who loves them does so only to impress people. A million apologies if that is how it came across. It’s actually quite the opposite since I have sometimes wished I liked such respected music… Y’know… Instead of having to wince whilst admitting I like Bon Jovi – having come to expect the onslaught of “oh noooooooo!”

      How great would it be if I could count the great Bob Dylan as one of my faves?

      However having been forced to listen to his music, as well as others I listed for 5 years in a questionably healthy relationship (while anything that I liked was dismissed as crap) I may be slightly jaded.

      Baggage, right?

      Tell you what… I will give them all an honest second chance but if I still don’t like them can we still be blog buddies??

      • haha no worries! growing up the youngest of 3 sisters, i just go in “stand up for yourself” mode for the dumbest things sometimes 🙂 i actually think it’s really cool that you like what you like and that’s that. i know i have some guilty pleasures too (hm let’s see here… cheesy spa music for bedtime… the Carpenter’s christmas album… really i have lots of weird stuff i like!).

        and how could i not still be blog buddies? you seem like a great person with lots of talent and zero pretention, which is rare these days. and how could a linsiloo and a camilou not get along? 🙂

  2. This makes me VERY happy! I am hooked on Einaudi (and Satie) in an attempt to relax at the moment! (A session of massages being out of the question sadly!) But it brings back wonderful memories of listening to my young’uns entertaining us and each other! *sighs* ahhh! With lots of love from your mother-in-sin!

  3. PS – the one the young’uns really competed over was Le Onde! And Rob always won on speed, but Lorna always won on finishing it! Hehe

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