The Hoho Scarves

Long story short, Rob decided that the Jimis ought to accompany him to work on Christmas Eve! And so, in the midst of trying to wrap up some last minute prezzie knitting, I decided that some professional biii-ness attire was in order.

(I also happened to be trying to figure out how to knit stripes and needed the practice.)


the hoho scarves

The Hoho Scarf

Scarfy Daisy

And then came the Hoho Hat

My grammy & grandaddy gave both the poonums some Christmas toys and they came in tiny little Santa Snowman bags – cutest bags EVER. Anyways, me being me, I decided they matched the Hoho Scarf perfectly, and thus the Santa Snowman bags became Hoho Hats.

Hoho Hat

Hoho Hat


For those concerned, and believe me there are a few (HENRY!) threatening to notify SPCAs & such, the Jimis actually loves being photographed. Because everytime he gets his picture taken, he gets a treat.

Today’s lesson: bribery will get you everywhere!

Tee hee!


2 thoughts on “The Hoho Scarves

  1. Just love these! And Henry has withdrawn his threat now that he knows they get treats for being made to dress up and pose! Hehe! I think they have a certain jaunty but biii-ness look about them! Did Rob not get kitted out as well?? X

  2. PS – You probably already know this, but Rob cannot be bribed!!! Unless you have found otherwise! If so, do tell!! xx

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