My Sweetie’s New Website

Rob's Website

I am very proud to announce that my sweetie’s new website is up and running. I am slightly – only slightly – biased, this I know, but I happen to think he is THE most talented photographer EVER.

If you think my photos are good, wait until you see his. He’s the one who set me up with my D90 along with my 50mm lens, and he’s the one who has taught me everything I know.

Reasons You Should Check It Out NOW!

  1. Because you like birds, and other of nature’s dwellers, but mostly birds.
  2. Because you want to learn how to take pictures like him – he’ll tell you all his secrets.
  3. Because he writes with an accent… sexy!
  4. Because I said so.

The best reason to check out his blog, however, is because I literally could not have made it easier… click here.

Jimi & Daisy

Awwww…. of course the Poonums were his first launch photo. The Jimis wouldn’t hear of it any other way!

ps. He loves comments, too!!

ps. to the ps. Please pass it along to alllll your friends…


One thought on “My Sweetie’s New Website

  1. I would have to admit to being biased too! But he is an amazing photographer – of course he got his talent from his mother – but we’ll gloss over that! I will be promoting his new sparkly website of course and look forward to new posts to drool over! Meantime, I am more than happy to drool over your own wonderful blog! Keep it going! Happy Christmas!

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