Curious Cats are such dingle-berries!

Considering Simon’s Cat went viral about 2 years ago, you’ve most likely already had the pleasure. However, if you haven’t you’re in for a treat!

I came across this link today and it made me realize how much I miss having a cat. They are ridiculously funny – in a completely different way from dogs. Dogs are kind of haphazardly funny whereas cats are deviously hilarious.

I used to have a kitty named Coco and she was basically this cat. She was vocal, devious and pretty well always up to no good. AND she would bully poor little Daisy!

One Christmas, my mom nicely knit the fur babies some nice little Christmas sweaters. You have to understand – and I think my mother would admit this – that she wants grandbabies… badly. But, seeing as her children are only opting to have fur babies at this point, she is playing along quite nicely.

Anyways, she knit Coco and Daisy sweaters which, of course, demanded a photo op, right? Well, this was the first and last time Coco ever wore her Christmas sweater. She hated it – very mild understatement – AND how did she take it out? She bit Daisy right on the nose.

I caught the after shot. Poor Peaches!

The Christmas Sweaters

The Christmas Sweaters

Pissed at her Christmas Sweater!

Pissed at her Christmas Sweater!

Can't... Get... Out!

Evil Christmas Sweater


I’m sure we’ll get another cat one day, but until then I’ll have to make do with Simon’s.

More hilarity from Simon’s Cat


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