Love & Other Drugs

All Hail to the Romantic Comedy!

I haven’t seen a good one in a while. They’re so good because they’re so easy. They’re like a low-maintenance friend who you can invite over even when your house is a mess and she doesn’t get all judgey-judgeness on you because… she’s low-maintenance-friendly!

Romantic comedies are like that to me. Not demanding in the way of attention and brain power. And generous in the way of gifts. Gifts in this case were a feel-good story with beautiful Jakey G, and Anne Hathaway’s breasts. Good lord she has perfect breasts. They’re magical, really.

It is now my belief that most world crisises (It’s “crises” apparently, but I don’t think it reads well. My blog. My rules!) could be cured with her magical boobies.

They. Are. Literally. That. Perfect.

movie poster

Top 5 Reasons to Go See it

1. Anne Hathaways breasts

Seriously. If not for the sheer appreciation of perfect female form but for the curiosity of whether or not they’re that good. (psst. they are!)

2. Jakey G’s…. everything

There is A LOT of nudity in this film and I’m not gonna lie… I enjoyed it. Not only does Anne have amazing boobs, but Jakey G has an amazing… everything. His dimples. His eyes. His hair. His arms. The way he says “I love you” for the first time.

Oh ya… and his bum = yum!

3. Follows Classic Rom-Com Secrets for Success

Rule 1: Boy meets girl.
Rule 2: Girl resists boy.
Rule 3: Boy convinces girl to do otherwise.
Rule 4: Girl and boy have lots and lots of sex.
Rule 5: Girl and boy love blocked by obstacles.
Rule 6: Girl and boy overcome obstacles.
Rule 7: After amazing romantic declaratory speech, boy and girl find love… awwww!

4. Great soundtrack!

The movie takes place around 1996 so it kicks off with Spin Doctor’s “Two Princes” and just gets better from there.
“Heaven Is A Place On Earth” – Belinda Carlisle
“Fidelity” – Regina Spektor
“Praise You” – Fatboy Slim

5. Final Line by Jakey G

“You meet thousands of people and then you meet one person, and your life is changed…forever.”

Love. It!

Final Thoughts

This movie isn’t doing so hot in the reviews and this is why: they say the movie’s plot is disseparate. Now, I don’t really know what that means because I was too busy being distracted by beautiful people, BUT it sounds a lot like the kind of thing that people would say if they were expecting too much from a romantic comedy.


Go to this movie and cherish it for what it is: A beautiful story with a lot of beautiful nude people that will make you laugh!

I’m not going to give it away, but there’s a in it line about “The eye of Sauron…” that forced an uncontrollably embarassing laugh noise out of me… like… REALLY REALLY loudly. It was a catch-you-off-guard kind of funny.

Cherish the movie for that… & Anne Hathaway’s tatas. Obvy.



6 thoughts on “Love & Other Drugs

  1. Now that I’ve stopped laughing I can post a comment.

    I cracked up about all the commentary about Anne Hathaway’s breasts. Sounds like they have a starring role in the movie.

    I love romantic comedies for the reasons you mentioned. Pure mindless fluff and escapism. What’s not to like? And the added appeal of Anne’s boobs is an extra plus. Hahaha! You’re too much.

  2. I totally agree with Cathy! Well said! Hahahahaha – loved it! Looking forward to getting to watch the boobs…ooops, the movie!!

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