Housekeeping Shiz…

Some New Blog Features & Some Old Ones, Too

1. Blog Snow

Before you start panicking: No, you don’t have dandruff… and No, your monitor’s not busted. It’s just WordPress deciding to get festive. YAY!

2. Secondary Nav Shiz

A little FYI about my blog. It’s a FREE theme, which means I don’t have a lot of say over the structure of it. So… even though I would love to have these sorts of things front and centre… it’s not that simple. And so all my secondary navigational shiz is all in the footer: categories, contact me, & now – due to popular demand – drum roll please… Bossy Blog (aka Subscribe by Email!)


Also, just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely tickled with every single comment and absolutely love the feedback. I’ve also had feedback from even peachier individuals saying they didn’t know how to get to the comment section. I know… it’s true. The little voice bubble with the number in it (beside the date) is a little more ‘cute’ than ‘accessible’ but again… it is what it is when you get a FREE WordPress theme.

And now I set you free to “Go Forth and Comment!”



3 thoughts on “Housekeeping Shiz…

  1. Have to say Blog Snow is a little difficult to see, unless you know it’s there! White background might be the reason?? haha

  2. I can see the snow across the top (grey bar) if I’m logged in to Tyler’s WP account. Otherwise – just wee bit falling across the letters. very subtle indeed!

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