Let the Countdown Begin!

Christmas Advent Calendar

Okay, I’m gonna toot my own horn a bit because… why not? Martha Stewart does it.

I invented this project. I did. I totally invented it from scratch. Didn’t see it anywhere. Didn’t copy it from someone else. It’s all mine, peaches! And look how cute it is!!

It’s customizable. Environmentally-friendly. Reusable. (Yes. It would be more reusable if you made them out of fabric, but this is WAY easier, I promise) AND when you get together with some friends to make them, it’s quite a fun night.

Best Advent Calendar Ever

Christmas Advent Calendar

Christmas Advent Calendar - ful view

Make Your Own Personalized Advent Calendar…

  • 25 small paper bags (size 3.5 X 2.25 X 6.75)
  • Christmas patterned paper (tissue and wrapping paper works well and is WAY cheaper than scrapbook paper)
  • Numbers (Psst! Here, I made some for you!)
  • 25 wood clothes pins
  • Red craft paint & sponge brush
  • Ribbon, length depends on where you want to hang it
  • Glue & scissors
  • Advent calendar GOODIES (candy, toys, love letters, etc., etc. etc.)
  1. Paint your clothespins and put them on a baking rack to dry
  2. Cut out your numbers and glue them to the patterned paper and then cut them out – leaving about 1/4-inch border around each number
  3. Fold 2-inches of the top of your bag over (TIP: turn your bag over so that the folded bottom is facing up. Then fold the top of the bag until it meets the top of the bag bottom.)
  4. Glue your bordered numbers to your bags
  5. Fill them and hang them on your ribbon

Christmas Advent Calendar Yummy

Christmas Advent Calendar - inside bag

Christmas Advent Calendar - front view

Christmas Advent Calendar - side view

“Yes, Miss Hill!”

Three of my friends came over last night and we made 4 sets of advent calendars in about 3 hours. The part that took the longest was the painting of clothespins. It’s a bit time consuming – especially if you’re drinking wine & chatting about random shiz – BUT totally worth it!

It helps if one of your friends is a teacher with a knack for bossing organizing people into ‘stations.’ My friend Alisha, AKA Miss Hill, was very good at getting us all sorted. And every so often we would deviate from her master-plan and she would effectively remind us that we had, to which we answered, “Yes, Miss Hill!” (much to her enjoyment, I believe.)


5 thoughts on “Let the Countdown Begin!

  1. Did your sweetie make one too??? Otherwise that was a selfless act and to be very much admired, because, obviously, if you made it then nothing in those cute little bags will be surprise to you! Only to him! You spoil him! 🙂 xx
    PS I think that it’s a Ver Original Idea and one to be applauded! Well done Miss Hill for getting your little ones organised! Ho-ho-ho!

    • My sweetie did not make one but that’s because he wasn’t invited to ‘girly craft night.’ And anyways, watching him open his is even more fun than opening one of my own. Plus, I sneak bites of his treat… have no fear!

      : )

    • YAY! You found the comment section. WELCOME!

      And you’re welcome for last night. Thank YOU for coming and making it so much fun!

      Hope your move went well today! What a day for it. How’s Daisy Mo like her new digs?

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