Talkin’ Weather

One of the things that I find the most fascinating about humans is our ability to make the best of an uncomfortable situation with a stranger just by talkin’ weather. Do you know what I mean?

For example, I live on the 19th floor in a 29 floor condo building and so I get stuck the pleasure of riding several floors with strangers just about every day. Even though it’s probably preferable to both parties to maintain an awkward silence, more often than not the awkward silence is broken by talkin’ weather.

“It’s gonna be minus 5 degrees before next weekend! That’s pretty cold!”

“It’s pretty windy out there! Be careful on your balcony!”

“The snow is lovely this time of year…”

The one thing that annoys me about talkin’ weather are the weather whiners (weiners!). I know some people never seem to have anything nice to say, but I think they should save it for something they can actually change. YES! it gets hot in the summer (sometimes even 36 degrees Celsius…) And YES! it gets cold in the winter (sometimes even minus 36 degrees Celsius…) These extreme conditions aren’t new to Canadians, and yet every time of year when things get a bit extreme people act as though it’s the weather phenomenon of the century! I don’t get it.

Hardcore Old Lady Story

I ran into a lady on one of my elevator rides yesterday. She was probably around 70 years old and seemed to have a bad hip or something else causing a limp. She was unaccompanied, always has been since I first saw her, and was pushing a little cart – possibly off to buy groceries or something. She always smiles! (Even when she’s trying and then retrying to park her bateau of a car into the teeny-tiny parking space.)

It was slippery outside and the ice was sneaky – covered under the snow, so while talkin’ weather with this old gal I made sure to caution her about it. “Be careful on the ice.” I said.

“No need to hurry, I just take it slow!” she said hobbling off to her ginormous car bundled up in a parka, “We Canadians are built strong! We can take it!”

I LOVED IT! Best talkin’ weather encounter ever. I wanna be that hardcore when I’m her age.


  • Dress for the weather and get out there and enjoy it!
  • Don’t forget to dress your fur babies! (And human babies too, I suppose!)
  • Bring your camera because it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Winter Wonderland with the Poonums

The Jimi & The Daisies

New Boots from North Face

Sleeping Till Spring

The Peaches

Beautiful Sumac





Fashion Pet

Fashion Pet coat



In case you want some warm & toasty boots like mine, click here ! They’re absolutely the best winter boots I’ve ever had! Water-proof, toasty warm, comfy & pretty! LOVE THEM!


2 thoughts on “Talkin’ Weather

  1. I totally agree – it’s a British thing too – “we must say something – so, let’s talk about the weather”!!! Hate it, unless it is something optimistic or positive – I make a point of smiling and being positive! But a well known and “well used” British comment is “musn’t grumble”! This already makes the speaker sound grumbly and shows no optimism at all.
    Loved the story of the “hardcore old lady”, loved the pics and loved your “Know it All” tips! Great stuff! PS – told you already I love the boots!

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