The Kids Are Alright

So you’ll remember a while back that I prayed to Jesbuddah for 3 movies to not suck… click here if need a refresher. Well, I’m happy to report that he delivered. In a big way.


1. Rotten To-mah-toes said it wouldn’t… and they never lie.

It wasn’t likely to suck as it got a WHOPPING 96% rating on Rotten To-mah-toes! If you know anything about that site, movies that are enjoyably watchable get 50% ratings all the time, so… at 96% this film was off to a great start!

2. Mark Ruffalo

In a word… Mmm……….. That is all.


Donor Dad

Best Line in the Movie: “Donor Dad is a stone-cold FOX!”

3. Sexy-funny

Okay, so this movie is filled with sex. Like a lot of it. Gay sex… Straight sex… you name it, it’s got it. And so when I tell you that I watched this movie with my brother, parents & sweetie, you’ll understand why I appreciated that it was sexy-funny and not sexy-awkward.

There is NOTHING more hideous than watching a groany/moany sex scene with your parents…. especially if there is nudity or any kind of anyone going downtown ANYWHERE.


But this is where this movie was a winner. There was lots of sex, WITH NUDITY, and although I do not think it would be appropriate to advise grandparentals to see the movie (they just might DIE!) I can report that it was fine to be sitting next to my mother and brother whilst watching it. AND there were vibrators involved. So you know it had to be sexy-funny if I could somehow sit next to my mother and brother when a vibrator was involved.

4. Modern Problems

For all intents and purposes, I come from a fairly cookie-cutter background. Okay, I did move around A LOT, but overall that was the extent of our diversity. My parents are happily married, no divorce. My brothers and I get along, most of the time. And my mom was a stay-at-home mom (YES!!!) who actually baked real food and sewed our clothes. Seriously. And so it has continued on till now…

SO, when I get to watch a movie about lesbians and artificial insemination and modern families with modern problems, I get real excited. OH the diversity! I love it.

Now, it’s true that this movie might have added a whole lotta Hollywood to glamourize it up (they did have an AMAZING house!), but all that aside it really appealed to the cookie-cutterness of myself.

5. Growing Local

Mark Ruffalo’s character has an enormous garden and it’s amazing. I want it. In my backyard. That is all.

Okay, maybe I just want a backyard… either way. It was good.


One thought on “The Kids Are Alright

  1. I keep hearing about this movie – I’ve had various reactions to it, but yours pipped the post – funny!! Think I’ll just have to get the DVD when it comes out and find out for myself!!

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