Simon Cowl

(Get it?? Get it?? Hahaha!)

So this is my first knitting project and I hafta say, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out! It’s a cute little scarfy cowl with a twist in it. You can see that it can be worn a couple of different ways.

I am taking the pictures with my laptop because I lent my camera to my little brother while he’s home visiting! Aren’t I a nice big sister? (“Yes!” is the only acceptable answer. Tee hee!)

Simon Cowl



Look at who wanted in on the pic! She’s such a peach!!!




3 thoughts on “Simon Cowl

  1. LOVE IT! can you make me one? I’ll bake you a cake… or a pie…. or lots of scones.

    Pretty please!? I heart blue and green and yellow… i’ll pay for the wool :0)

  2. Just caught up with this one – it looks LOVELY – well done! And it looks so comfy and practical! Love the peaches taking a peak in the pic. (Simon) ‘Cowl’ go eat your heart out! Hahaha

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