Oh the joys…

One of the biggest advantages of being a man is that lovely, wonderful, convenient ability to stand up while one relieves oneself.

Being the lady that I am, I envy this talent most especially during road trips. You know, where one finds oneself in a variety of befouled roadside rest stops or perhaps…. along the side of the road possibly without the convenience of daylight. The latter of which is by far the most unappealing due to its requirement of squatting. Is there a less attractive pose a lady can find herself in?

I think not.

I need not get into too much detail, suffice to say that last night I found myself in precisely such a situation during which an errant roadside weed (all dried and brittle for winter and actually more like a rooted jaggedy stick) found its way into a very delicate area as I was taking care of biii-ness.

And while I am sitting most uncomfortably today, I am quite relieved to report that…

It. Was. Not. Poison. Ivy.


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