Lovely Lovely Wool

Crochet Hook & Knitting Needles

Nifty Ball of Wool


Lovely Lovely Wool

Fair Trade Merino Wool

ps. I think I may now be addicted to wabi sabi. Check out their blog.




  1. That Wabi Sabi place looks amazing! Wish we had something like that so close to us. And you can get help and instruction there – fantastic!
    How are you getting along with your crafty biiii-ness? What did you decide to start with? I see you are showing a crochet hook, are you going to try “crotcheting”? Love the hand warmers/worms – but can’t work out how to produce a thumb hole! Cast off and cast on again? It’s a long time since I’ve made button holes, which in essence is the same thing!

  2. Ooooh I just convinced myself I should take a pottery class in Jan but now I must. take. up. knitting. So beautiful. Your last post was amazing too. Love the fingerless gloves, scarves and even the lil wool flowers with buttons!

    • Oooo… I’ve taken pottery classes before. It’s SUPER FUN!!! Just make sure to bring LOTS of moisturizer for after class. If you’re even half as sensitive as me, the dryness of your hands will make you CWA-ZEE!

      ps. It turns out knitting is EASY! I can totally show you how if you want.

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