I Love Crafty Biiii-ness

the decadent scarf

“Biiii-ness” is a very cool way of saying business.

Trust me, if you start saying this people will think you’re awesome. However, I must say that the trick is to say it with confidence.

It is less “Crafty biii-ness?”
(eyes darting around for approval)

and more: “Crafty bii-ness!”
(unwavering eye-contract with a vibe of “Ya, I said that… Ya, it’s a made-up word… Ya, you should start saying it, too!”)

Try it on for size and give it a go!

And I digress…

I think it might be the techy biii-ness (see it’s a flexy word) of Chem & Bio, but I am craving some creativity up in here! To the point where I spent almost an entire day looking at crafty blogs.

It all began with Poppytalk. A Canadian (Vancouver-based) design blog collecting inspiration and dedicated to promoting emerging design talent. I only just discovered it… but OH! how I love it! Already, I am concerned for my online course deadlines.

You see…

I am a VERY creative person with VERY creative needs that need to be fulfilled. One of the main reasons that I am shifting careers from graphic design to something less creative is because I needed to make creating play again for me. It had become work. No fun. Blech!

So, as many online adventures before it, this one began with an amazing scarf profiled on Poppytalk priced at $72 that led me to ask the question:

“I wonder if I could make that?”

Which led me to a whole list of other shiz that I wonder if I could make:

1. The Pidge Scarf

Pidge Scarf

A pidge scarf is a shortened version of a scarf the goes around the neck once and is fastened by buttons. It is VERY low-maintenance.

Who else hates getting their scarf tassels jammed in your coat zipper? Annoying, right?!

2. Crafty Balls (tee hee!)

Crafty Balls

I just love these balls! They are so cute and festive! Wouldn’t you love to have a big basket of festive crafty balls on your coffee table?

PLUS they’re no-sew! Everyone can do them… YAY!

3. Reversible Rick Rack Napkin


Don’t be surprised if you get some fancy-shmance napkins under the tree from yours truly. I think these are SUPER CUTE! ps. When I say under your tree, I mean under my tree, too… winky-wink!

4. Infinity Scarves

Infinity Cowl

These things are all the rage this season. Check out the one you can buy from Roots. This one is actually a cowl which I like even better. It’s a shortened scarf that is looped around once only. I tried a longer one on today in Sears and truthfully felt like I was drowning in knit. Too much scarf is ANNOYING! Once again, please note: no tassels in the zipper. GENIUS!

(Pssst. I can see it now. I’m going to make all of these wonderful gifts and I’m not going to want to part with them. Problems, problems…)

5. Fancy Cowl

Fancy Cowl

Simon Cowell ain’t got nothing on this! Sure, it might not have 5 enormous sterling silver teapots containing a variety of imported expensive tea, but it’s classy and sophisticated nonetheless. In fact, I think good old Simon could do with incorporating some variety into his wardrobe. I swear if I see his nipples through another one of his see-through ill-fitting shirts……

I’m done.

6. Fingerless Mitts

Fingerless Mitts

Don’t get me wrong, I love rainbows, but these would be even cuter in a not-quite-so-loud colour pallette. Think creams & neutrals. Classy!!!

7. Button Ornaments

Button Ornaments

Couldn’t have a list of crafty biii-ness without the Queen of Crafty Biii-ness herself: Martha Effing Stewart! Seriously, even though she drives me nuts… these are super-duper cute!

The End.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!



4 thoughts on “I Love Crafty Biiii-ness

  1. Um… couldn’t agree more about the wrist warmer / fingerless gloves’ potential awesomeness in more understated tones. I actually started to make a pair a few months ago in a smokey grey-blue colour… only got an inch knitted up but in my head they’re fabulous. I wish I had my Mom’s knitting genius!! This website was my inspiration…. I like that they call them “wrist worms”…


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