New Twitter Buddy :: Goldie Hawn


I get that a lot of people don’t quite ‘get’ Twitter. About a year and a half ago, I was there too. It seemed weird when someone described it as “Facebook status without the pictures.” And now that’s not even the case anymore since there are ways of posting your pics on Twitter.

(Have no fear, Twitter-newbies, I’m NOT going to go there with you today… Rub your earlobes and say “Wooo-sah!” with me.)

The main reason that I prefer Twitter to Facebook is the randomness of it all. Your Twitterverse is much less controlled than Facebook and random encounters happen all the time. For some people that might be frightening as all heck.

To all of you who are worried about airing your dirty laundry, rest assured, Twitter does give you the option to have a ‘locked’ profile where people have to ask to see your shiz. BUT the BEST way to enjoy Twitter – in my opinion – is to just go with it.

So what if Pervy McPervert is following you… if they really creep you out, block them! So what if in the beginning you only have 3 followers (and one of them’s your mom)… the best way to make Twitter Buddies is to say “Hi!” So what if you blow up one day and tweet something you regret… there’s a button, deTweet it. (Get it… delete it… except Tweet… never mind).

Honestly, there are times when it’s nice just to throw something out there into the Twitterverse. Some days it comes back to you, others it’s like it never happened. Share good news, vent frustrations, ask for help on your Chemistry homework, be random & quirky… there are literally no rules.


Ya, it can be time wasting, but through Twitter I find out the most interesting random facts, I’m updated on news, AND I get to be ‘up close and personal’ with people that I admire (like my new Twitter buddy :: The wonderful Ms. Goldie Hawn).

Okay, so ‘up close and personal’ may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it certainly does increase the chance of direct communication – which is kinda neat, right? If you’re not agreeing with me at this point, we may have to agree to disagree.

It’s OK, I understand…

You’re busy and think famous people are over-rated. It’s fine… to each their own, right? But I just want to prepare you that you might not be invited the next time Goldie, Tom & I have a tea party with the Dalai Lama (also on Twitter!!)

You understand too, right? Tee hee!

Tea party with my Twitter Buddies

And now I’m rambling…

But the whole point of this is that today I did have a fun tweet from Goldie herself. A personal one, addressed to yours truly. It went kind of like this:

She tweeted:

goldie's first tweet

To which I replied:

My reply

To which she replied:

her personal shout-out


I realize this isn’t an earth-shattering encounter, but it did lead me to find out more about what she’s working on currently. And it’s something that I actually find very interesting. VERY interesting, indeed.

Her current project is The Hawn Foundation, a foundation whose prime focus is to “create a world where children thrive.”

“The Hawn Foundation develops programs to help children find happiness and success in school and life. The Hawn Foundation seeks to help transform children’s lives by providing them with opportunities to acquire vital social and emotional skills, to improve academic performance, enhance the quality of their lives, and help others in their community.”
The Hawn Foundation website

Anyways, I’ll leave you with a video of her talking at TEDMED, a medical technology and healthcare conference celebrating quality conversation as it relates to personal and public health. The thing that I love about it is the focus on positivity.

I think she’s right, you know. With so many negative things blowing up in the news lately, it’s not surprising that it affects children and their ability to focus. Who said stress was only an adult condition?

By the way, there’s something really funny about seeing an actress known for her hilariously quirky and sometimes airhead-ish characters speaking convincingly & knowledgeably about neuroscience.

Good for you, Goldie! Keep up the great work! ps. Loved you in OVERBOARD… & Kurt, too!! XOXO

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3 thoughts on “New Twitter Buddy :: Goldie Hawn

  1. Hmmmm – food for thought! About Twitter I mean. And I see you’ve been “illustrating” again! Love it! Loving what Goldie is doing too (see, even I am on first name terms with her now!).

  2. Overboard might be the most watched movie in my life – whenever it’s on TV I feel the need to stop everything and watch it. I can’t believe Goldie is now your BFF – very jealous!

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