THE LIST :: Day 1

Okay, so first of all

Pinch and a punch on the first day of the month… and no returns!

Hahaha! Do you know that one? It’s a long standing tradition on my Mom’s side of the family to the the point where people have been known to hide under tables just before midnight, knowing that someone else is going to try to get them first. YES! It is a bit strange, BUT FUN!

Not many people know about the tradition, which is why it absolutely thrilled me when my sweetie not only knew it, but had his own retort to it:

Kick in the dick for being so quick!

HAHAHA! Love it still!

THE LIST Progress Report

Click here for a refresher on THE LIST…

#1: Eat 5 healthy foods that I think I hate

Tried a poached egg and I hafta say… not an instant convert! It was so weird looking – like a little embryonic being taking a nap on my toast – and really, it did not taste any better than a boiled egg. In fact, it kind of tasted of vinegar. No idea why.

Peggy's Poached

But I will say this.

Normally at Cora’s (yes, I went straight to the breakfast expert herself for this one) I get a 1990’s harvest which is French Toast made with Cinnamon Brioche and a large side of fresh fruit & bacon! Smothered in maple syrup. SO GOOD! But normally I leave Cora’s ready for a nap.

THIS time I got Peggy’s Poached which is a poached egg on toast (unbuttered… UBER-HEALTH), a side of fresh fruit and cottage cheese. And THIS time I left Cora’s feeling energized and ready to go!

Not hard to figure out why.

ps. to the poached eggs… I know that I’d probably love them smothered in some creamy Hollandaise sauce, and they had that on the menu, but I wanted to experience it as a HEALTHY food. That said, should I ever go down the route of poached eggs again… I will probably opt for some form of smothering.

I have plans to tackle some of the other healthy-but-ick foods later this week. My friend Lynne works at Whalesbone and she has invited me to try out oysters there. I will also be trying out fish-with-head-&-tail-attached since they are definitely the place to do it. PRO-STARS that they are!

#12. Do yoga or pilates every day for a month

After taking the poonums out for their daily morning stroll along the river – BRRRR! – I came home and did TV Yoga. Not recommended. The zen-breathing was greatly hampered by the BLARING commercial breaks. How does this even work for people? I have no idea.

So, I’ve downloaded (legally!!!) a Yogaworks on iTunes, which is apparently a real life Yoga Studio in chi-chi L.A…. which means I will feel like a celeb every morning as I do my Yogaworks Body Slims! YES!

#13. 20 push-ups in a row

Okay, so here’s the deal. I have zero upper body strength. It’s never been my forte. On that note, actually, body strength has never been my forte… unless you count stomach strength (do not mistake that for abdominal strenght… I am talking about my ability to EAT!)

And so, not having any upper body strength to speak of, I was expecting 20 push-ups in a row to be Mission Impossible. Like, even more Mission Impossible than Eat Vegan for 1 Week.

BUT it turns out I actually do have some upper body strength because I threw down 10 push-ups in a row fairly impressively. AND they were the real kind, not the lady kind.

So ya! Pretty pumped. Only 10 more to go… in a row.


Not bad for the first day of THE LIST challenge. By the way, the goal is not to get these done by end of month, right? I am very optimistic that I WILL NOT be able to skate on the canal by then. FINGERS CROSSED!

(not because I don’t like the canal… or skating… it’s because I don’t really love the COLD!)



5 thoughts on “THE LIST :: Day 1

  1. your poached egg tasted like vinegar… because you add a little to the boiling water – but if you tasted it – they used too much! try the eggs natasha @ stone faced dolly’s on preston. you’ll be a poached egg convert. promise! (and… I don’t think you can actually get the whole head attached fish @ the whalesbone… but i’m having dinner there tonight – so I’ll ask).

  2. Good point about the vinegar – you shouldn’t relaly be able to taste it, it is only to stop the egg breaking I think!
    Well done with the rest – you’re doing well! Push ups – impressive or what!
    And, yes, we did used to have the same ritual over here for the first day of the month, but it has rather disappeared from use – Rob’s quick response was something he must have learnt at school!! Certainly not from us!
    Hope it’s a good month for you xxx

  3. Way to go! I love your list! I have always been afraid of fresh oysters but if you’re gonna do it then word on the street is whalesbone is indeed the place to go! If you’re up for a double date sometime then we can meet each other’s sweeties 🙂

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