The Red Paperclip Project

This is a truly inspiring story about how changing your perspective on something can help you achieve amazing results. LOVE IT!!

Click here to find out more about Kyle MacDonald and The Red Paperclip Project.


2 thoughts on “The Red Paperclip Project

  1. I finally got the time to watch this and was blown away by it! It now makes sense of the one piece of that story/news I picked up on one day a while ago about the snow globe – now I realise what all that was about! So, thank you for solving that particular mystery and people who have those sorts of ideas are to be admired for their persistence! I am thinking ….. nay, wracking my brains ….. but it has to be original, and that’s the nub of the matter! Good on him! Question, though, would you want to live where he is living now? Then, that is not really the point, is it! Thank you!

    • No, I wouldn’t want to live there.

      BUT I would like to be able to sell it and use that money (in which he personally invested all of a frickin’ RED PAPERCLIP!!) as a down payment on a house/property on Vancouver Island.

      ps. hahaha! ‘nub of the matter’ … LOVE IT!

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