Hey y’all peaches.

Am not avoiding my LIST! Have just been visualizing them.

I’m being the LIST… in my head. I really want to do well on it, especially the EATING VEGAN FOR 1 WEEK part. And so, that requires planning. Researching. Recipe finding. Etc.

Also, I’ve been deliberating over what icky healthy foods I’m going to eat 5 of. This is no small job. Just think of all the icky healthy foods out there. There are millions, right? If there weren’t… people would eat healthy food ALL THE TIME!

I’m thinking definitely fish (preferably served with head and tail still attached… ICKIEST PRESENTATION EVER), oysters (GAG!), poached eggs (GAG ME TWICE!), and… brussel sprouts (ODD MINI CABBAGES… GAG!).


Am thinking that a start date would be a good idea. And so I’ve decided that it shall be…. November 1st. Yeppers, that’s exactly 5 days away. Woo to the hoo!!!



7 thoughts on “THE LIST

    • The recipe sounds good but the picture just completely reaffirms my inclusion of brussel sprouts on ICKY FOOD LIST. They look SO GROSS!!! Weird mini cabbages… can only imagine how it will smell.


  1. A whole Trout (rainbow) is a good fish to have, served with both head and tail! Stuff with mushroom mix (ask Lorna for that) herbs, salt, pepper, lemon juice and slice of lemon ontop, plus a dab or two of butter. Smear butter/spread over non shiny side of foil, large enough to place fish in middle, bring up sides, fold over a couple of times, neatly, and then scrunch up the ends, being careful not to “squash” the fish in. Bake in oven 20 mins – absolutely yuummy!!
    My sister has a brilliant recipe for Brussel Sprouts – something to do with chestnuts and bacon pieces – will see if I can get the recipe! Never over cook them, and they even make a great salad when sliced up small and dressed well!
    See, the ideas are flowing!!

    • Hmmm… this actually sounds good. Thank you for writing it out.

      Have to say that inspite of your confidence in my capabilities of being able to handle this task of making head-tail-fish, I believe I will be eating it at a restaurant… a reputable one… am thinking the Whalesbone.

      ps. Noticed the word ‘neatly’ … is this because you saw my laundry hamper throwing technique? AKA dropping all my dirty clothes on the floor?


      ps. Cou

  2. Nooow! Would I???
    Rob was a fishmonger (did you know that?? huh??), could choose the fish for you and probably even prepare it, with Lorna’s input for ingredients! Why waste money on going out to see if you hate it!! And baking it means there are no nasty smells left behind! The point of the “neatly” is so that you can unroll the foil “seal” ontop just a wee bit to see if the fish is cooked and the way you tell that …. well ask me, if you decide to try it at home! Might spook you if I tell you now!
    Then again, an excuse for going out for a fishy meal does sound plausible!? xx
    PS – what did your PS mean? “Cou” ???
    PPS – Over here, you can get the fishmonger (at the supermarket) to put the whole fish, plus lemon slice and dill/arlic/lemon butter into an oven ready half foil “bag” – so easy! No need to “handle” the fish at all!

  3. PPPS – the salad idea for Brussel Sprouts is with raw ones, not cooked! Just thought I would clarify that! And NO smell!!

  4. the funniest thing about your list… is that if you come to the Whalesbone you can pretty much get it all – the brussel sprouts (check), the poached egg (check), oysters (check) – me documenting it all on my canon and for my blog… CHECK! come on in sista!!!!

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