Jelly Fish Costume!

Jelly Fish Costume

When invited to the Bridgehead Halloween Party, I was basically told that dressing up is mandatory. In fact, I heard through fairly reliable sources that failing to do so was against the rules and may invoke a hazing ritual of some sort. Not wanting to fall victim to whatever that entailed, I told my sweetie – a non-Halloweiner (haha!) – that he also had no choice but to dress up.

I call him a non-Halloweiner because he has told me several times that he dislikes dressing up and has never been a fan of Halloween in general.

Maybe it’s a UK thing? Who knows?

But I… as you may have noticed… am a VERY enthusiastic Halloweiner, and basically made it my mission to get/force him to enjoy himself. I also had a suspicion that in order for him to do so, it would be best to make him a costume that is easy/low-maintenance to wear.

Mental Detour

When I was taking design at college, one of my friends was THE most creative people ever. Like, he made me sick in the best way possible. Everything he created was top-notch-kick-ass-shiz and he really didn’t have an ‘off’ day. Even when he was last-minute, he pulled of creative genius. He was awesome to have in class though, because seeing his work made you want to do better. It pushed you to think harder and made you want to beat him (impossible to do, it turns out).

ANYWAYS, a few years ago he had THE most amazing Halloween costume. He and his girlfriend went as a pair of jelly-fish!! Seriously. It blew my mind. Blew my mind so much that I knew I would HAVE to recreate it at some point, and that point came a few days ago.

Check it out.


  • bicycle helmet
  • front cover of a large-ish sized oscillating fan (approx 2 ft wide)
  • 1 clear shower curtain*
  • 1 jelly-fish patterned shower curtain*
  • 1 roll of clear gift wrap (bubble patterned if you can find it)*
  • 12 inches of elastic banding (the kind you put in a waistband)
  • LOTS of glow necklaces/bracelets (try to find ones that are jelly-fish coloured & buying bulk if possible will save $)
  • 3 types of jelly-fish tentacle yarn*
  • plastic fishies*
  • scotch tape
  • string

*found at the Dollar Store!

Tentacle Yarn







  1. cut 1/2 of both shower curtains into strips (1-inch wide & 1.5 meters long) – TENTACLES!
  2. cut yarn into 1.5 meter long strings – MORE TENTACLES!

Jelly Fish head

  1. secure the fan top to bicycle helmet by tying it on with string – TIE TIGHTLY!
  2. pile remaining patterned shower curtain on top of the fan – you can pile plastic shopping bags underneath the shower curtain if you need more volume
  3. finish off with 1/2 the glow sticks linked together and wound around circular pattern
  4. use the remaining clear shower curtain as the final layer of the head, wrap it loosely around all the glow sticks and other head ‘stuffing’
  5. secure it to the fan by tying the elastic banding around the top of the helmet underneath the fan top

Finishing Touches

  1. Get someone to put the ‘head’ on
  2. Tie the tentacles to the elastic band in a random and jelly-fish-tentacle manner
  3. Tie up some of the fishies in the tentacles – OH NO… THEY’RE DINNER!
  4. Link the remaining glowsticks together (about 5 in a row), securing them with tape
  5. Tape yarn to the tops of them so that you can use the yarn to fasten them to the elastic band






4 thoughts on “Jelly Fish Costume!

  1. Oh so brilliant and my sides are hurting from laughing so much!!! Great stuff!! (I’m afraid I was never that keen on “dressing up” – had to do it alot as a kid and found it all too competitive!! – now you know where he gets it from – but one day I will show you a pic or two of your significant other in costume!) So, you haven’t said, did he win!!!!???? What I just love about you Linds is your enthusiam and “go for bust” attitude – it’s so engaging and infectious!! I need you over here!!
    Halloween is getting “geared up” over here in the UK, with “stuff” to dress up in, and do things with, all over the place, and pumpkins are now piling up! – but nothing like the amazing home/drive/garden decorations we saw whilst in Canada!! Some of them were simply A W E S O M E and A M A Z I N G! Outside the “Hotel du Ville” in Quebec City just for starters…… 🙂

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