Living + Learning

“If you could go back and change some of your decisions that you made back in the day, would you?”

Most people would say, “HECK YA!” And I tend to be of that mind, but it got me thinking (oh nooo…).

I went for an appointment with my guidance counselor today because, quite frankly, I needed guiding. Yes, I am 30 and have a guidance counselor. I actually think she might have even been younger than me…

As you know, I am hoping to get into a Nursing program in September 2011 and I need to get really serious about my applications right about now. The BSCN Nursing programs are INCREDIBLY competitive and therefore very hard to get into. Even though they require a minimum of 70%, the cutoff is usually much higher due to the plethora of peachy applicants that they receive. Which… makes me nervous.


Well, although I’ve been kicking butt in my recent courses (currently I’m boasting a 98% in Chem… YESSSS!), I was a dingle-berry in high school. Far too busy making out with boys and abusing my spare time in other non-productive ways to focus on my courses. AND, as a result, I have pretty crap marks… at least in the ones that seem to count now.


Getting back to the question above, “Would I go back and change any of my ill-advised decisions?”

Obviously, my answer should be a resounding, “YES!”

I should say that I would go back in time and give my frizzy-haired, hickey-necked, dingle-berry head a shake and say, “PAY ATTENTION & DO WELL! You will thank yourself later. I promise.”

But I wouldn’t. And the reason for that is this.

As any sci-fi dork knows, going back in time and changing your decisions has an exponential effect. My life, as I know it now, would never have come to exist. I might never have experienced my experiences, might never have met my sweetie, and ultimately, would definitely not have become the person I am today. A person who, at the risk of bragging, I’m pretty proud to be.

So there you are. My answer is “NO!”

But are my kids ever going to get it… Those little future-dingle-berries don’t even know what’s coming.


ps. I should mention that my wonderful parents tried time and time again to get me to focus. So as much as I want my future dingle-berries to listen to me when I try to communicate all of this to them, realistically, they’ll probably go and make out with their boyfriend/girlfriends instead.



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