Take Me to Your Leader

I’ve joined the Mothercraft. Haha! Seriously. Doesn’t that sound a bit like a space ship? It’s not, but it could be, right?

Okay, now that the sillies are out, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know what I’ve been up to. I know the excuse ‘too busy to blog’ is a weak one, but that seriously is the only one I have. Not only that, but I’ve been too busy to document the food I’ve been making, so there’s been very little in the way of yummy food photography in these here parts. Which is a real shame since I’ve actually made some culinary milestones in the past three weeks – AND NO PHOTOS TO PROVE IT.


#1: Cooked a full Thanksgiving dinner from scratch, including the 20lb star of the show himself. YUMMY but scary, but sooo yummy! I might blog about that in the future to prove the simple point of, “If I can do it… you can do it!”

#2: Dissected the aforementioned Mr. Gobble and made a yummy soup outta his old bones. Seriously, home made comfy in a soup bowl. AND it happened to rain the day that I did it, so it really was nice to come home to cozy.

The Mothercraft Awaits…

You know how I’ve been doing a lot of volunteering, right? Well, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it but not only does it feel amazing, BUT it can sometimes involve FREE education & training. Which is amazing, especially when it’s interesting and relevant to future endeavors.

So, I’m training to be a doula.


A doula.

I’d never heard about them until just recently either, so if you’re of that mind… Welcome and be not afraid.

Okay, so the literal translation of the word doula is female slave. Interesting, right? But more recently, the term has been used to describe birth companions, or people who help women give birth.

This is a non-medical role. VERY IMPORTANT! I am not training to give medical treatment or to be a medical expert in the field of child birth, but I am training to know how to effectively help women who are going to have a baby.

The Birth and Parent Companion Program has been providing exceptional support to women who are pregnant and newly parenting since 1991.

Trained volunteers provide information, advocacy, resources and companionship to women-in-need though pregnancy, birth, and in early parenting. Birth Companions can help expectant mothers to prepare for the birth of their baby, gain the resources they will need to ensure baby is well cared for, nourished and has the required supplies. Birth Companions may also provide or connect expectant mothers with prenatal education and breastfeeding support. Above all Birth Companions provide unwavering support to women in the most transformative period in their lives.

This service is offered at no charge to vulnerable women in our community.

As a result, women supported by Birth Companions have felt more supported emotionally, more prepared for the birth of their baby, and have experienced fewer interventions and complications in childbirth than the regional average. Studies show that this kind of support offered from the prenatal period reduces negative out comes for mother and baby in the short and long term in areas of emotional and mental wellbeing, bonding and attachment, and physical health.

Taken from the Mothercraft website.

Anyways, I won’t go into detail about my learnings, but I will say this. This past class was the physiology and anatomy of labour, and after looking at the progression DIAGRAMs…. it’s amazing that baby is even able to make it out. SWEET LORD, THE ANGLES!!! They’re all wrong. How does it even work.

No idea, but it does. Allegedly.

(Bet you want me to be your doula… haha!)


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