Pickle, Buttons & Mice… Oh My!

Kissing White Mice

Hmm… with a title like that this could be anything, right? Oh, how I love the randomness of it!!

So, I haven’t been online for a while because my priorities have been elsewhere. I KNOW! The sheer disrespect of it all! It’s too much to even comprehend. Here you are, all my peachy readers, tuning in to find out what I’ve been up to. Giving your time to me, and I’m slapping you in the cheeks with disrespect. Well, my deepest sorries, but I hope you’ll understand.

#1: Rob’s parents are here for a 3-week stay from the UK
#2: Chemistry

#2 is kind of an on-going priority, and has to be if I’m to get it done. BUT I am rather proud of my latest mark… 98% wouldn’t you know. Isn’t that amazing?!! I might be ready for Anna Karenina, after all. Click here if you don’t know what that means…

But ya, #1 is a really good reason. Especially when considering that we live in a 2-bedroom condo, I’ve never hosted anyone even half that long, our schedules are nuts… AND we have 2 dogs (whom Rob’s mama is allergic to.)


Lemme see if I can guess-answer them…

“Yes, I’ve met them before.”

“Yes, they’re VERY nice.” (No, seriously… I’m not just saying that.)

“Yes, they brought presents… or PREZZIES as they call them!!!” (YAY!)

Prezzies were very thoughtful gifts from home, namely a sea-glass necklace (LOVE!), a painting of a woodpecker on slate (I’ve told you my sweetie’s a birder, right?) and CHOCOLATE!

If you’ve ever had chocolate from the UK, you are in the ‘know’. If you haven’t… you need to get there FAST. It’s amazing. Cadbury chocolate over there is the REAL deal. It tastes better and you really need to just trust me on this. Plus, the last time we were there… I got hooked on these little things called “White Mice” which are basically white chocolate, so rich it tastes like butter… Mmmmmm!!!!!

Yum yum prezzies


So good.



Anyways, I have to wrap this up so I’ll leave you with my UK-visit inspired lunch. A Pickle & Cheese sandwich. (No, I’m not preggers.) It’s made with a sort-of relish called Branston Pickle and extra-old chedddar. It’s delish! If you ever find it in the grocery store, buy some and try this. I promise you, it’s awesome.

Pickle & Cheese sandwich

Branston Pickle

RECIPE: Pickle & Cheese Sandwich


2 slices of whole grain bred
1 tbsp Branston Pickle
3 slices of extra-old cheddar


Really? C’mon.


2 thoughts on “Pickle, Buttons & Mice… Oh My!

  1. oh… chocolate from the UK really is the real deal. how I miss my good ol’ chocolate…. memories of Edinburgh.
    super cute… and congrats on 98% (i’ve been training new transeditors)!

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