Yet another reason I love my new job…

One of the things that I love most about abandoning my career as a graphic/web designer is that I now love art… JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. It’s not a job. It’s PLAY!

Everybody say, “YAY!”

Before I used to voraciously search for artistic inspiration that was very specific to graphic/web design. I blog subscribed to all kinds of web-specific blogs with a never-ending stream of updated trends that would hit me at a pace that created a panic (note the word PANIC… hmmmm… Clue?!). It often felt like Beat the Clock. STRESSSSSSSS…..

Anyways, as I’ve mentioned before I now work at Bridgehead, and, to be specific, it’s the one in Westboro beside M.E.C. I so love my job. Like LOVE LOVE my job. I’ve been known to tell people that if I got paid a nursing salary to coffee-shop my day away, I’d happily sign on for life. Like, that is how much I love working at Bridgehead.

One of the coolest things about working at the Richmond location is that it’s located right next to a gallery. A fantastic one called Wall Space. In fact, if you ever want to visit me at the Richmond location, we always tell customers that there is FREE parking behind Wall Space. Lots of bonuses of doing so: 1) FREE parking, 2) shortcut to Bridgehead instead of going the looooooong way around M.E.C., and 3) a walk through an amazing gallery.

Here are some of the delights I’ve discovered at Wall Space so far. AND each visit seems to bring new discoveries because they’re always changing things up.

-The Redhead-
by: Costa Dvorezky
Visit website

Costa Dvorezky

by: Nathalie Mantha
Visit website

Nathalie Mantha

-Stackable Rings-
by: Caelen Ellis
Visit website

Fluid Jewellery

-Pit Stop-
by: David Alexander
Visit website

David Alexander

-Alice’s Pink Thoughts-
by: Kate Domina
Visit website

Kate Domina

-Lazy Laundry-
by: Andrew King
Visit website

Andrew King


4 thoughts on “Yet another reason I love my new job…

  1. Wow! You are a happy bunny! Your advice about where to park, see an amazing and ever-changing gallery AND have a wonderful experience at the coffee shop are too tempting to resist! Here I come!

    • HEY! YAY!

      Alice’s pink thoughts is my second favorite… but possibly because that’s the only one I didn’t see in person. I took that image from her website. The ones from the gallery were the ones with Alice with birds sitting on her antlers.

      How’s your job going?!!

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