Unbadding My Mood

I am in a very bad mood. My sweetie knows it, my dogs know it, and I know it.

The cause: Our condo. I swear we have a Condo curse. Everything is falling apart and I am tired of having to call people about repairs. It seems like one thing gets fixed and then the very next second another thing breaks. The most recent example is the shower head just got replaced and we were happy for, like, 2 seconds. (It was calciclogged and thus spraying water at a pressure fit for paint removal.) And for that 2 seconds, life was good again. Non-painful water pressure and an even stream. And then, literally, the next second it became impossible for it to produce warm water.

And so… showers are now spent either gasping from extreme cold, or dodging to avoid third degree burns on your private bits. Here’s a dumb question for you: shower heads don’t control temperature, do they???? DO THEY??

*Wooooo-sah whilst rubbing earlobes*

Anyways, it seems so complainy but I miss the warm water. Yes it’s nice to have hot water, period. Some might call it a luxury. BUT, that’s the problem with life these days… the luxuries seem like necessities. And really, at this point in time for me, I have but one more question: What have you done with the warm??? PLEASE! Send us back the warm.

So ya, in the hopes of unbadding my mood, I went in search of funny pet videos.

Pssst…. it helped!


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