Mmm… Red Wine & Cheese platter

Mmm... Wine & Cheese Platter

For me, there is quite literally nothing that can come even close to touching the amazingness of pairing rich creamy cheeses with the cleansing sweetness of grapes, offset by warm yummy bread and finished with wine. Those four should just call it a day and have a long and happy polygamous marriage. They are that perfect for each other.

This meal is totally a throw-back to our days in BC. It isn’t so much why we gained the weight, it’s more the why we didn’t gain more of it. There were weeks when I do believe that we subsisted strictly on carbs & fats. Mmm….. carbs & fats! My favourite. Really, if you were to pick 2 nutrients to subsist on, it’s not like you’re going to pick minerals & vitamins. WHO DOES THAT?? Super-models, that’s who. (Skinny bee-hatches.)

So yes, when we were figuring out our menus for the long weekend, we definitely did right by making Friday night, Wine & Cheese night. In fact, it was such a success… we made Saturday night, leftover Wine & Cheese night, too.

The Wine

2005 Christian Moueix Merlot Bordeaux

My thoughts: It was slightly tannins-y. I wasn’t an instant fan… Copper Moon Merlot is much better in my opinion, but as the night went on, it grew on me. Probably not a case where the wine improved, just my judgey palate mellowed. I’m not a very good wine-taster either… have a hard time getting all the flavours and notes. But let’s just say that by the end of the night – after 3 hours spent in rocking chair listening to French music – if Christian Moueix had come to call, I would’ve hugged him in appreciation and probably called him Chris.

Mmm... Merlot

Mmm... Merlot

Mmm... Grapes

The Cheese platter

1. Chaumes
2. Brie
3. Applewood Smoked Cheddar

My thoughts: First of all… Holla! to Farm Boy. I love their cheese section. It’s my happy place. These three cheeses are old faves of sweetie’s and mine. We love them, we know we love them, and we buy them because we love them. So, you will not be surprised to hear… we loved them. Twice.

If you haven’t tried either of these, I suggest starting with the Applewood. It will prove to you our cheese recommending abilities. It is amazing. It is nothing short of a happy holiday in your mouth from start to finish. In essence, if I could marry this cheese… I might. Sweetie could be the ring-bearer… I love this cheese that much.

Speaking of him, my sweetie preferred the Brie. I had intended on keeping the label to share with you the exact location from whence this came, but… I forgot. Sorry. I do remember agreeing with him that it was merveilleux. Especially when paired with some warm crusty bread and a sweet grape or two.

The final one, Chaumes, is another creamy, soft cheese. It has a very pleasant mild flavour to it. It spreads nicely on bread and can also just be devoured by itself. Yum yum yum!!

Mmm... Cheese Platter


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