Lazy Labour Day Weekend

Okay, so I have some posting to catch up on. But first, excuses… and today, I have GREAT excuses. The first, last and only one being… I was at the cottage. No wireless, no cell reception, not a 3G connection to be found. It’s a bit like a cleanse for the cyber-soul. A bit uncomfortable at first, but VERY good for you.

So yes, we were at the cottage. How lucky are we that we have this place to visit? “VERY!” is the only acceptable answer. It is oh-so-quiet and peaceful, and thankfully, the weather seemed to scare everyone else off from making it their Labour Day location.

Most people hope and pray for beautiful weather on a long-weekend, my sweetie and I did not. Nope. We. Did. Not. Instead, we hoped and prayed for cool weather and rain. (Yep, it was us… YOU CAN BLAME US!) In fact, at one point as we were sitting down on the dock watching the purpley-grey storm clouds roll in, for a split second it seemed like they were going to miss us totally. Yes, we pouted. But all was good, as the storm clouds tee-hee’d their excellent fake-out, they returned with a vengeance, alternating between lush downpour to zen-like pitter-patter. NOTHING sounds better than rain on a non-insulated roof.


The hoping and praying for cool weather comes after a heat wave to beat all heat waves, especially when you factor in the lack of air conditioning in our 19th floor condo. I know, I know… what did people do before A/C? Well, I don’t know what they did. But I can tell you that even they would whine a tad if they had to go from A/C to no A/C. It’s the knowing that makes it suck, right?

Anyways, all of that to say that we were very, very lucky to have such a perfect weekend. We slept almost the entire time, and when we weren’t sleeping we were probably eating or on a mission to find food. Yes, we are very simple creatures. Very. Very. Simple.



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